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Travel Consultation

Dominion Global Express

Preparing your pet travel means veterinary appointment vaccinations, and plenty of paperwork – one missed form can unexpectedly ground you and your companion for weeks. With our experience pet travel specialist helping you prepare, though, you get the peace of mind that you and your buddy have everything you need in time for take off.

The forms, permits and other requirements you need for international travel very from country to country and our pet travel agents have seen it all. Our consultation include careful, thorough reviews of your pets’ documentation and assistance making the arrangements to fulfil all of your destination’s requirements for entry.

When you select our comprehensive travel consultation services, you get all the assistance you and your pets need, including:

  • A dedicated travel specialist that works with you throughout the planning process
  • A thorough review of your pet’s health records and an assessment of entry requirements for your country of destination
  • A customized detailed timeline that explains what you and your pet need to do and when
  • Liaising with your veterinarian to coordinate a final visit, including providing the necessary official paperwork needed for travel
  • Assistance in choosing the correct airline approved crate for your pet

Don’t leave anything to chance when you’re planning a trip with your pet – contact us to learn more about our travel consultation services!

All pet moving and shipping services related to pet air travel (domestic and international) are available, such as:

  • Airline flight reservations
  • Nationwide door-to-door pick and and delivery
  • Transport to/from vet and or boarding facility
  • Airport delivery and check-in
  • Documentation for domestic and international travel
  • Boarding arrangements
  • Airline approved crates including IATA CR82 custom built crates